Combined Strengths

Securian dental plans are underwritten by Securian Life Insurance Company and administered by DeCare Dental Health International, LLC, a DeCare Dental affiliate.


Securian's plans are available in 43 states and the District of Columbia. Read our list of states for up-to-date approvals on our Indemnity and PPO plans.

Information On Anthem Data Breach

We are aware of the Anthem data breach. DeCare, a subsidiary of Anthem, administers Securian Dental products. DeCare has informed Securian that it stores Securian Dental business data on a system that is separate from the Anthem system that was breached. We will continue to work with DeCare to carefully monitor and confirm the security of our data. Securing our policyholders’ information is our highest priority.


Health Care Reform

As a Securian broker, we want you to understand, in light of Health Care Reform, why a stand-alone dental plan still makes the most sense for many groups. Read our perspective on Health Care Reform and its impact to your groups.

Important Information for Illinois Customers Residing in Counties Declared Disaster Areas Following the April 10, 2015 Storms

Securian National Sales Team If you have been affected by the recent storms, you are eligible for safeguards during this time of hardship including an extended grace period of 60 days on premium payments. To learn more about safeguards we have put in place to help during the next few months, contact the Customer Service number on the back of your id card.

For further information, you can review the Illinois Department of Insurance Bulletin CB2015-08 which outlines the safeguards we have put in place. You may also contact the Illinois Department of Insurance toll-free at 1-866-445-5364 or visit their website.

What You Can Expect

  • Administrative costs are 2%-5% below competitive plans.

  • 24-month rate options.

  • No setup fees or implementation fees.

  • Average claim turnaround of 2.01 days.

  • Broker rate calculator for groups of 2-99 employees.

  • New Business set up in under 7 days.
Enhanced Oral Surgery Benefits

Small Group Sales Team

Announcing increased oral surgery coverage for our Employer-paid and Voluntary Indemnity Plan D. Oral surgery coverage for existing and new groups increased from 50% coinsurance to 80% coinsurance.  And the best news - there's no additional cost! 


View our Employer-paid and Voluntary Indemnity Plan D marketing material or contact SecurianConnect at 1-866-827-3318 or securianconnect@securiandental.com.