Securian Dental Plans
Underwritten by Securian Life Insurance Company and administered by DeCare Dental Health International, LLC

Why Dental Plans from Securian?

Securian dental plans are designed to be easy to understand, easy to afford and easy to use. This also means our products are easy to sell.

We offer a competitive program that boasts flexibility, access to emergency coverage worldwide and unparalleled commitment to service.

Your groups can choose from a variety of attractive voluntary and employer-paid indemnity and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans. Read our plan brochures. We also offer the option to enroll online. Online enrollment is designed to assist groups with daily maintenance of their membership data.

You'll be pleased with the excellent commissions you can earn. And, you now have the ability to access your commission reports securely online. No paper to file; no mail delays. Access up to 24 months of commission history at a time. Save the information on your system for future reference.

You can feel confident of Securian Life and DeCare Dental Health International, LLC's (DDHI) experience and resources that back up Securian dental plans. In fact, DDHI is an affiliate of DeCare Dental, a leader in oral health care management that currently serves 10 million individuals in 89,000 employer groups nationwide.

Important Notices:
An unmarried dependent child who is ill or injured and can no longer attend school on a full-time basis can remain covered under his or her parent's dental plan. Read about Michelle's Law.

Health care reform legislation included a provision to raise dependent health care coverage to age 26. Although the law does not apply to stand-alone dental coverage, for pooled groups we automatically extend benefits. This is offered as an option to individually rated and ASO groups. Read about Dependent Age to 26.

Learn more about us and our benefits.

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