Securian Dental Plans
Underwritten by Securian Life Insurance Company and administered by DeCare Dental Health International, LLC

Product Information

We offer a variety of dental plans that meet any group's needs. Customers can offer the following plans on a voluntary or employer-paid basis:

Indemnity plans offer subscribers the freedom to visit any dentist in the United States with no effect on coverage. For more information, read our plan brochures.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
PPO plans offer subscribers maximum benefits when they visit a dentist in our broad dentist networks. (They can visit any dentist with our PPO plans, but they may receive reduced benefits and increased out-of-pocket costs if they visit a non-network dentist.) For more information, read our plan brochures.

Contact Us
For more information about our indemnity and PPO dental benefits products, please call us at 1-866-222-6507 concerning groups with 100+ employees and at 1-866-827-3318 for groups with 2-99 employees.

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