Securian Dental Plans
Underwritten by Securian Life Insurance Company and administered by DeCare Dental Health International, LLC

Group Administrators' Q&A

As a new benefits administrator, what materials and acknowledgment can I expect?
The benefits administrator for our new customers receives a welcome letter, group contract and administration manual. The administrator also receives an identification card and summary plan booklet for each employee.

Can I enroll my group online?
Yes, you can enter and view additions, changes and terminations to your membership file. Online enrollment means an expedited enrollment process with faster turnaround time and greater data accuracy.

Who do I call with questions about enrollment?
Call Securian's dental administration line at 1-866-201-1818 ext. 5135 for enrollment questions. Follow the prompts to reach an expert that can assist with other topics including billing and product information.

What constitutes an eligible employee for dental coverage?
Full-time employees working a minimum of 20 hours per week or subject to the employer's practice (if greater than 20 hours per week) are eligible. Seasonal or temporary employees are usually not eligible.

Is there a lower-priced benefit option than the original plans?
When price is key, consider the Securian dental Value plan. The Value plan design is the same as our original plan design but a difference in how claims are paid makes premiums significantly lower. For more information, see our Value plan brochure.

How are dental benefits affected if a dependent child is ill or injured and can no longer attend school on a full-time basis?
Under Michelle's Law, if an unmarried dependent child who was attending a postsecondary educational institution on a full-time basis and is currently covered under the parent's dental benefit policy becomes seriously ill or is injured, he/she may continue to be covered. In order to remain covered, a physician must provide written documentation supporting the need for a medical leave.

Under the law, students may remain covered under their parent’s dental plan until the earlier of 12 months or until their coverage would otherwise terminate under the policy. 

If an unmarried dependent child becomes disabled for an indefinite period of time, (s)he may be considered incapacitated. If the subscriber's dental plan has an incapacitated dependent provision, the subscriber can apply to continue coverage. To be eligible, the dependent:

  • Must be incapable of self-support because of mental retardation or any mental or physical disability
  • Became disabled before reaching the age limit for coverage
  • Depends on the subscriber for financial support and maintenance

In both cases, the subscriber needs to provide document of the illness, injury or incapacitation. The subscriber should print and complete the Disabled Dependent/Michelle's Law Application. Once the form has been completed by the subscriber and the child’s physician, send it to the employer’s benefit representative who will provide the necessary information to Securian.

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