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Employees' Q&A

How do I know if my Securian dental plan is an indemnity or PPO plan?
Securian offers two types of dental plans: indemnity plans and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans. Indemnity plans offer you the freedom to visit any dentist in the United States with no effect on coverage.

On the other hand, PPO plans offer you maximum benefits when you visit a dentist in our broad dentist network. (You can visit any dentist with our PPO plans, but you may receive reduced benefits and increased out-of-pocket costs if you visit a non-network dentist.) Plan members receive an identification card that they should show their dentist at each visit. The ID card for the PPO plan lists the network name DenteMax in all Securian dental states but Maine. PPO plan subscribers in Maine receive strongest benefits by visiting dentists in the Encompass Network.

Is there a network of dentists to choose from?
Our indemnity plans offer you the freedom to visit any dentist in the United States. Although you can also visit any dentist with our Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans, you may receive increased benefits and lower out-of-pocket costs by visiting a dentist in our broad network through DenteMax, a national, fully-credentialed PPO network. PPO plan subscribers in Maine receive strongest benefits by visiting dentists in the Encompass Network. Use our Dentist Search to find a dentist.

What if I need emergency care while traveling outside the United States?
Securian dental plans automatically include international emergency coverage. Members may receive emergency dental treatment from a credentialed dentist when they work or travel abroad. This service is available throughout Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. English-speaking customer service representatives are available to help members find a dentist. The list of participating dentists is available on this Web site under Benefits Information.

Why is it important that plan members bring their ID card when they get care?
It is important that plan members show their ID cards, which they receive when they initially enroll in the dental program, at each dental visit so that a proper claim can be filed for dental services.

Who do I call with questions about my dental benefits?
Please call Customer Service at 1-800-234-9009 if you need assistance.

What if someone in my family has another dental insurance plan?
When someone has additional dental coverage, one plan is usually primary. This means that your dentist sends the claim for service to the primary insurance plan and may also submit it to a secondary plan. We will coordinate benefits if a subscriber has coverage under more than one dental plan.

How does the Calendar Year Maximum work?
A calendar year refers to a period of Jan. 1 - Dec. 31. Your deductible and coverage maximum start fresh each January 1. These totals are not pro-rated: The full deductible and coverage maximum apply, no matter your start date.

How do I know which dentist to select?
Get recommendations from friends, neighbors, coworkers and family subscribers to find a dentist who matches your needs and values. A convenient location and clinic hours, possibly including Saturday and evening hours, may also be important considerations for you.

What is a dental plan meant to cover?
Our plans emphasize preventive care and are designed to meet general dental care needs. Talk to your dentist to determine your specific oral health needs and if treatment is required.

Can dentists in the PPO network balance bill?
No, when you visit a network dentist, you will not be billed for the difference between their actual charge and what the plan allows.

Should I submit my own claims?
Your dentist may submit your claims if you are enrolled in an indemnity plan, otherwise it is your responsibility to submit your own claims. You do not have to handle claims paperwork if you are enrolled in the PPO plan, as long as you visit a network dentist. Network dentists bill us, and we pay them directly. If you choose a non-network dentist, you may need to submit your own claims.

Who do I contact with a change of address?
Report your new address to your employer. Your employer will forward your address change to us.  And, when visiting your dentist, make sure they have your correct address to use when submitting claims. 


How are dental benefits affected if my dependent child is ill or injured and can no longer attend school on a full-time basis?
Under Michelle's Law, if an unmarried dependent child who was attending a postsecondary educational institution on a full-time basis and is currently covered under the parent's dental benefit policy becomes seriously ill or is injured, he/she may continue to be covered. In order to remain covered, a physician must provide written documentation supporting the need for a medical leave.

Under the law, students may remain covered under their parent’s dental plan until the earlier of 12 months or until their coverage would otherwise terminate under the policy. 

If an unmarried dependent child becomes disabled for an indefinite period of time, (s)he may be considered incapacitated. If the subscriber's dental plan has an incapacitated dependent provision, the subscriber can apply to continue coverage. To be eligible, the dependent:

  • Must be incapable of self-support because of mental retardation or any mental or physical disability
  • Became disabled before reaching the age limit for coverage
  • Depends on the subscriber for financial support and maintenance

In both cases, the subscriber needs to provide document of the illness, injury or incapacitation. The subscriber should print and complete the Disabled Dependent/Michelle's Law Application. Once the form has been completed by the subscriber and the child’s physician, send it to the employer’s benefit representative who will provide the necessary information to Securian.

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